Excavating Cushing’s Disease


These are pictures from my last two driver’s licenses. The first one taken in 2011. The second in 2017. I am excited to bring you a third picture soon. It won’t be of my license, but will be of post surgery, maybe around week 3 or 4. In this illness you don’t realize the changes are so drastic when you live in your body from day-to-day. You recognize it’s changing, so you try to adapt your habits in eating, sleeping, drinking water, amount of screen time you allow yourself, etc. You think it’s part of the aging process and living an American lifestyle of abundance. Suddenly, it’s not all in your head; it’s not because you are getting old. There really is a change.

Others saw it, but didn’t mention it until afterwards. I carry both licenses around with me to educate, but also to have others share in my delight at having a cause. Some reactions I have had:

“I knew you were sick.”

“Oh my gosh! You’re beautiful!” (that was from someone who has known me less than a year.)


“Wow! I bet you can’t wait to be you again.”

This is your formal invitation to dig in with me as I explore the breadth of the diagnosis, the remission process, and road to getting back me.  Come excavate living with disability and overcoming its obstacles.